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A large contingent of SWEAT runners will be lining up in some big running events. Be sure to wear your SWEAT racing singlet or running tee on race day. This apparrel, plus other gear like running caps and headbands, can be obtained from a SWEAT coach.

Many SWEATERS are lining up in the Australian Running Festival in Canberra in April, The Sydney: 10 (10km) in May, the SMH Half Marathon in May, the Great Ocean Road marathon (45km, 22km) in May, Run Melbourne (5km, 10km, 21.1km) in July, Townsville Running Festival and Sydney's City to Surf in August and plenty more races later in 2016. So be sure to wear your SWEAT gear!

SWEAT ventured into Queensland for the first time with a running camp at Townsville from March 24-29. It was a super way to prepare for races in both cool and hot climates, plus much fun was experienced with all the amazing activites that the area has to offer.

SWEAT are venturing into Melbourne with a mid morning Recreational running group and afternoon Kids running group to be formed from late April.



Welcome to SWEAT

SWEAT is renowned for having long standing Australian running groups that cater for all ages and types of distance runners. It is based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs Melbourne's Southern Bayside area.

The morning RUNNING GROUPS for Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced runners in Sydney and Melbourne have members with a wide range of abilities and goals. From those who can run marathons close to 2hr 20min to those who are aiming to break 5  hours for the marathon. From those who run close to 30 minutes for 10km to those who are aiming to break 60 minutes for 10km. Join a group to receive the best coaching and meet plenty of runners from all walks of life.

There are also the popular KIDS RUNNING GROUPS in Sydney and Mellbourne for 5-17 year olds.

We also provide ONE on ONE personalised sessions for runners who require extra attention with issues such as race tactics, pace judgement, running technique and motivation.

We provide the best of ONLINE RUNNING COACHING for runners who require programs to prepare for specific events.

Whatever you are training for, SWEAT can help prepare you for races such as the City to Surf, The Run for the Kids, SMH half marathon, Great Ocean Road Marathon, Run Melbourne, the Sydney Running Festival, The Melbourne Marathon Festival, The Gold Coast Marathon Festival, the Australian Running Festival, the North Face 100, the Six Foot Track marathon. the Two Bays Trail races and so many more trail running races, cross country running races, fun runs, half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons and track running races. Even if you don't wish to race, SWEAT is ideal for keeping fit, weight loss, improving running technique, enjoying running and simply having fun.

 Barry Carter with broken toe


Latest News
Posted on the 31st of May, 2016 at 4:22 pm
Barry Carter wins Performance of the Month for May, 2016

2016 UTA

The winner of the SWEAT performance of the month for May 2016 is Barry Carter. Barry's target race in 2016 was Ultra-Running Australia 100km. UTA was on Barry's mind each time he did his long runs or ran the hard yards with SWEAT for months leading up to the epic race. It was a huge commitment to undertake such a grueling race with a young family and busy job. Logging in big mileage throughout the summer was no easy task for Barry. He got through the most challenging part of such a race- the preparation. By race eve he was READY for a big one. Then in an unfortunate accident, he broke his toe the day before the race. Did Barry line up? Yes. Did Barry struggle throughout the race? Of course. Some first aid treatment from a medic midway through the race helped him get through the painful day. Barry still beat hundreds of super-fit ultra runners across the finish line that day in an incredible run. Barry was nominated for this award by several of his training buddies who were inspired by his efforts in the rugged Blue Mountains of NSW.  Keep up the great work Barry.
Each month, one runner from SWEAT SYDNEY will win a special award for the "performance of the month". This may involve a person running a Pb, fighting adversity, winning their age division in a race, defying the ageing process or a number of other achievements.
The prize is:
a) A voucher which entitles the winner to 1 free pair of running shoes from The Running Company. The shoes will be professionally fitted by the running associates at The Running Company, 72 Hall Street, Bondi Beach (9365 5485).
b) A Run for Your Life magazine 12 month subscription.


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